Community Clinic


Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm

56 Riverwalk Boulevard • Okatie, SC • 29936

We offer wellness exams, vaccines, spay/neuter and other vital services at affordable prices.
Best of all, we use the resulting funds to rescue animals and place them in loving homes.
By bringing your pet(s) to the PAL Community Clinic, you are helping save lives!

When visiting the clinic all cats must be in carrier and dogs must be leashed.
Palmetto Animal League’s Community Clinic offers minor wound care and surgical procedures.
A physical exam is required to determine the medical treatment plan and cost of these services.

Annual Wellness Exams

Annual Dog Wellness

Physical Exam
Rabies Vaccine
DHPP Vaccine
Heartworm Test
Fecal Test

Advanced Annual Dog Wellness

Physical Exam
Rabies Vaccine
Heartworm Test
Fecal Test

(For dogs 7+ years in age.)

Puppy Healthy Start

Physical Exam
DHPP Vaccine
Fecal Test

(For dogs between 2-6 months old.)

Annual Cat Wellness

Physical Exam
Rabies Vaccine
FVRCP Vaccine
Fecal Test

Advanced Annual Cat Wellness

Physical Exam
Rabies Vaccine
Fecal Test

(For cats 7+ years in age.)

Kitten Healthy Start

Physical Exam
FVRP Vaccine
Fecal Test
(Special rates for litters.)

(For cats between 2-3 months old)

Veterinary & Wellness Services

For Cats

Cat Spay $60
Cat Neuter $45
Community Cat $40
(includes rabies & eartip)
FVRCP Vaccine $14
Soft Paws Front $15
Soft Paws Front & Back $25
Dewormer $5

For Cats & Dogs

Microchip $25
Nail Trim $12
Ear Cleaning $10
Shave down with sedation $65
Pregnant/Heat/Cryptorchid $30
Pre-surgical Bloodwork $40
Nail Trim with sedation $30-$60
Ear Cytology $15
Rabies Vaccine 1 year $12
Rabies Vaccine 3 year $20
Urinalysis $20
Skin Scrape $15
Fecal Exam $12
Capstar $5-$6
Elizabethan Collar $6-$10

For Dogs

Dog Spay $85
Dog Neuter $75
DHPP-Dog $14
Bordetella Vaccine $14
Heartworm Test $25
Parvo Test $25
Anal Gland Expression $12
Dewormer $7


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